Greetings Wellness Warriors! Welcome to Foranima.com - which in Latin translates to for the "soul." 

Foranima is a fast-growing e-commerce destination with a mission of helping our customers discover the healthiest and most natural products.  Our goal is to help our consumers replace every product in their home with the healthiest and most sustainable alternative.  We take a holistic approach to health and wellness and believe that "doing good" helps make you "feel great" and work with companies that are vegan, environmentally-friendly, and transparent in listing their ingredients.  Our goal is to provide our members with solutions for living well.  

Foranima.com was started by five friends dedicated to sharing their love of healthy living, fitness and conscious consumerism. Our team includes Sarit Shmulevitz, Jamie Sklar, Sheta Mittal, Heather Barrett,  Lesley McKee,  Trevor Hoffmann, Jennifer Parrucci, Caroline Uhl, Jacqueline Lechevre, Ryan Laszlo, Genevieve Bordon, Katrina Skovan, Shannon Nix, Michelle Christina, Michael Shapiro, and Tony Zachary.

Our values include: sustainable practices, no animal testing or animal ingredients, and sharing every ingredient, its purpose and its source in all products we promote.  

Photos of the team coming soon.  Officially launching spring 2014!! E-mail us at hello@Foranima.com with questions, suggestions or feedback.



Made with <3 in NYC.